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What comes in the box?

  • 1 x Slim Line SLC Solid Chrome Brass Sprite High Output Shower Filter

  • 1 x Sprite High Output Cartridge (Included)

 1/2" BSP Thread Size to screw onto shower head and shower arm (common size)

Dimensions; Overall Length Including Thread 80 mm L & 94 mm W Housing Width

NSF Approved KDF and Chlorgon Material



This is the genuine White Sprite High Output Shower Filter. Filter cartridge may be reversed to prevent backlogging and restore water flow  (Reversal at 1 months is recommended to extend filter life to a full 6 months)
Filter media is NSF approved the Sprite High Output shower filter uses a 50/50 blend of Chlorgon and KDF. The 
KDF addresses free chlorine neutralization while freeing up the Chlorgon to reduce certain types of combined chlorine.

      Our filtration media makes it possible…

      Redox reactions can be chemically complex. Simply stated, during a Redox reaction electrons are transferred between molecules, creating new elements. For instance, when free-chlorine comes in contact with the filtration media, it is changed into a benign, water-soluble chloride. This reaction changes free-chlorine to a larger chloride molecule. This new salt-based molecule requires more energy (heat) to evaporate than a water heater at industry-standard maximum temperatures allows and is too large to be absorbed by the skin. It is then carried harmlessly through the water supply.


      …is one type of Redox filtration media. Researched, developed and patented by David Farley, CEO of Sprite Industries, Inc., Chlorgon converts free chlorine and some combined chlorines to a harmless chloride salt. A proprietary blend of Copper, Zinc and Calcium Sulfide, Chlorgon works well in a variety of temperatures from hot to cold. It is also the active ingredient for Sprite’s Mediterranean Blue: De-chlorinating Bath Salts.

      All Sprite filtered shower products contain Chlorgon. 

      Why Not Carbon?


      • The temperature of tap water ranges from 60 - 75 degrees (F) 15.5 - 23.8 (C)
      • Showering temperatures typically range from 85-105 degrees (F) 29.4 - 40.5 (C)

      Carbon is a cold water filter. It is most effective at temperature ranges of 50-80 degrees (F) 10 - 26.6 (C). At higher temperatures, carbon becomes ineffective. It will “off-load” and release contaminants into the water. Sprite shower filtration media was designed for hot water, becoming more efficient as the water temperature increases.

      Flow Rate


      Of course, you don’t shower in cold water and wouldn’t use a 60 lb. shower filter. And we wouldn’t cut a carbon filter in half and expect it to adequately filter shower water. Instead, Sprite invested a great amount of research in developing a line of realistic catalytic shower filters that filter both free and combined chlorines, dirt, sediment, odors, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, and more, from your shower water.


      Test results for 100% chlorine removal by Sprite Industries

      To keep updated on current certified models visit

      What do Sprite units remove from the water?

      Our Chlorgon filtration media removes:

      • Free Chlorine (Cl-)
      • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
      • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
      • Iron oxide (rust water)
      • Dirt, sediment
      • Odors

      …plus, it’s pH balanced! Our units have been NSF Certified to Standard #177 for free chlorine removal. To learn more about the reduction-oxidation process Sprite filters utilize, 

      While free chlorine is converted to a harmless chloride, our filters handle iron oxide filtration slightly differently. Iron oxide in a shower setting is often described as “brown or rust water” and deposits onto the filtration media, where it will remain until the next shower. We recommend flushing the filter in warm water for a minute or two at the beginning of each shower to “reset” the media. If there is a high concentration of iron oxide in your water, a whole-house filtration system designed specifically for iron removal may best suit your needs.

      Lead & Mercury

      The following information pertains to the effective use of KDF55 used in the Sprite High Flow Shower Filter as found in the use of other applications, this is not advertised by Sprite Showers but other industry testing has proven the results with the use of this same water filter media KDF55 Web source; KDFFT 

      When filtered through KDF® media, soluble lead cations are reduced to insoluble lead atoms, which are electroplated onto the surface of the media. Other heavy metals bond to the media and may be recovered when the exhausted media pass through a copper smelter. 

      • New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection and Energy uses KDF 55 redox alloy medium in point-of-entry treatment systems (POET) to remove mercury in residential applications. KDF media consistently reduce mercury from initial concentrations of 13 ppb through 24 ppb (parts per billion) to concentration levels below 0.5 ppb.
      • Major U.S. circuit board manufacturer uses KDF media for 94.4% of lead removal in the effluent water used to rinse off printed circuit boards. The water is now recycled in a closed-loop rinse-down system, which saves the company approximately $10,000 each year.

      A typical metal redox reaction with KDF process media 

      Zinc loses 2 electrons (oxidation). Lead gains 2 electrons (reduction). Lead plates on copper and replaces zinc which goes into solution as ions.

      Video below demonstrates chlorine absorbed into the body