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Gravity Filter / Purifier Sediment Filter

 To meet the need to extend gravity system candle/element cleaning intervals we have configured this high quality polyester fabric 1 micron pleated sediment filter as a great solution to pre filter water prior to filling a gravity water filter of any kind to assist in premature blockage of carbon block filters. Some suburbs or towns experience high sediment issues in their water supply compared to some areas that are not such a problem varying the need to prefilter. Many sediment filters used prior to a carbon block filter are generally 1-5 micron, so 1 micron is at the better end of the scale while still achieving a high flow and very much ultimately extending the cleaning intervals of a gravity system that can slow the flow, maintaining excellent purification speed for a much longer period.


    DYI kitchen sink counter kit as below 1 x 1 micron Premium Pleated Washable Sediment Filter 1 x Quality 1 Stage Counter Top Filtration System (suits any 10" x 2.5" filter) 1 x 3/8" Faucet  Diverter 1 x 22mm to 24mm double outer thread adaptor (to suit 3/8" faucet diverter) 1 x Universal white rubber thread adaptor to suit smaller faucet spouts to attach 3/8" faucet diverter 1 x Filter housing spanner 2 mtrs x 3/8" soft tubing 1 x FREE 99.9989% Colloidal Silver Sample (to place inside filter housing outside of the element gauze to inhibit micro algae and microbiological growth on the filter element, as a lifetime benefit for the filter and maintain the purity of your water. This is the same method we use on our Berkey bottom chambers to preserve the water. Read more here on the benefits of Silver

      Laundry Room Optional Extra 

      Laundry room application compact special manufactured fittings to suit inline washing machine cold water hose and includes an on/off ball valve that will attach to the 3/8" soft tubing with special compression fitting - Click Here To See Product

      Unit Dimensions 

      • 315mm H x 110mm W
      • Rigid Construction  (last many years)
      • Double O-Ring Pressure Seals


      • Suits all water types, tank water, river, creeks or streams and town water supplies
      • High flow rate of 1 litre per 8 seconds @ 70 psi (7.5 litres per minute)
      • This pleated style sediment filter has 20 times the surface area compared to a standard ploy spun filter that allows it restrain more debris
      • This pleated filter can be washed over and over until the reusable polyester fabric is perforated and only then will it need to be replaced (standard poly spun filters cannot be cleaned)
      • 1 micron size is small enough to also capture giardia and cryptosporidium as well as sediment
      • Filter housing is a universal standard 10" x 2.5" that will fit any filter on the market of that size (common size) 
      • Spout is a swivel any direction

      Installation Instructions

      1. Remove packaging from filter already inserted inside housing for transport, reinsert the filter, Place the FREE Colloidal Silver Rod on the outer area of the filter screen and tighten with spanner reasonable tightness (align filter inside guides with housing upside down) Shake the filter housing to confirm the Colloidal Silver Rod is rattling loose inside and not under the seal of the filter.
      2. Attach 3/8" soft hose tubing to hose tail on housing (wetting hose tail with water will assist pushing on by hand - no clamps required)
      3. Attach diverter valve to faucet spout by removing faucet softener from spout, install with outer thread adaptor to fit
      4. Calculate position on counter and cut hose to desired length, then push on 3/8" soft hose to diverter valve by hand with application of water to hose tail for ease
      5. Turn filter housing upside down, turn on water slowly over sink to allow the air to be removed from the filter housing
      6. Finished ready to use

      Cleaning method

      1. Remove filter from housing with supplied housing spanner
      2. Recover the FREE Colloidal Silver Rod from the filter housing to reinsert after cleaning.
      3. Wash sediment filter either with a hose or in the sink to remove sediment and contaminants
      4. If needed to clean extra fine contaminants, fill a 10 litre bucket with luke warm water and add 2-3 caps of bleach and stir in
      5. Place sediment filter in solution for 1-2 hours
      6. Remove and wash off any remaining contaminants
      7. Use the solution also to wash the housing upper chamber if needed
      8. Flush and rinse both well
      9. Reassemble with filter and flush 5-10 litres with fresh water 
      10. Ready to use again