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Prill beads are an excellent way to enhance the PH of purified water, it is not advised though to place Prill Beads into the bottom or top reservoir of a Berkey® System, metal or plastic containers, there is much information advising against such. The safe and most popular method to treat purified water with Magnesium Oxide Prill Beads is separately in a glass container as you will read in this article, decanting into a BPA free container after treatment is acceptable.

Test results below will reveal 

  • Calcium             Reduces < 36%
  • Magnesium        Multiplies > 500% 
  • Fluoride             Reduces < 31%

The Prill Beads sold on this site are from a safe and tested supplier. 

Our Supplier Australian Lab Test Results

Our standard bag size is 85g, recommended per 5 litres of purified water

The fabric used for bags that contain the beads is; Organza 

Prill Beads are made of magnesium oxide

Instructions to Setup Prill Enhanced Water PDF


  • 1 x Bag Prill Beads 85g Each
  • Copy of lab test results
  • Copy of how to use instructions


Prill Beads are an all-natural organic energy enhanced water purifier and re-conditioner that restructures drinking water on a cellular level to fully refresh, hydrate and revive the body. The human body is mostly water; newborns babies are 95% water, adults are 75%, and elders are 65%. Clinical studies prove that the quality of water one consumes directly affects the status of physical state. Prill works by both altering water’s surface tension and chemical bonding to remove heavy metals and toxins ingested from water supplies, household and industrial chemicals, and food pesticides and additives. As an elixir, Prill’s super hydrating waters flush toxins in cell structures. The Prill Water is thin water that re-hydrates and rejuvenates your cells.

Initially use Prill Water moderately and slowly increase. Drink a glass the first day, two glasses the second day, etc. until your body is able to handle a full two quarts daily. This allows the body to adjust and flush the toxic build-up in a manner that is tolerable by the user. After the first month or so, decrease use and drink intuitively in moderation on an ‘as need to use’ basis in order to flush new toxin exposures. Drinkers of super hydrating Prill Water report feeling alive and refreshed with clarity of thought and strength of mobility.

Prill Water can be used in so many ways. You can drink it, you can cook with it, you can bathe in it, you can give it to your plants, you can give it to your pets, and every time any of it goes down the drain, it will begin restoring the water downstream. When enough of us around the world are using Prill Water, we will transform the water of the Earth!

Precious Prills

The first good news is that this is a “one time” purchase that will last a lifetime.

When preparing the Prill water, use a 1-gallon glass container. If the container has a metal lid, you can put a piece of saran wrap over the jar before screwing down the metal lid to prevent the water from taking on a metallic taste.

Directions for First-Time Prill Beads Use

Please remember, these last a lifetime – so it is a one-time purchase. Those who regularly buy gallons of spring water or bottled water of any kind will save hundreds or thousands. In addition, you receive the awesome Prill water health cleansing and cell renewal benefits.

  1. Wash off dust, etc. from the sack of Prill Beads for 5 minutes in cold water.
  2. Fill a glass gallon (4 liter) container with water.
  3. Put the bag of washed Prill Beads into it. It will sink to the bottom.
  4. Allow it to sit for 24 hours.
  5. Prill Water is now ready for use. You can pour off 3 quarts (3 liters) of water leaving 1 quart (1 liter) in the container.
  6. Refill the container with water.  In an hour you can pour off 3 quarts (3 liters) of Prill Water and continue every hour – from this day on – the rest of your life – for use as you need it.
  7. After the Prill Water is made, it can be stored in any type of container as plastic cannot penetrate the tight bonds of the water molecules and leach into the water.
  8. Prill Water detoxifies your body – so start with small amounts and build up to where you can drink two to four liters (quarts) – daily.

NOTE:  Refrigeration is not required.  If the water is not used within a few weeks, a metallic taste may be noticeable.  Empty the container and begin the curing process once again.  Variation in Prill color is normal and part of the manufacturing process. If there is disharmony in the environment, the Prill water can, all of a sudden, taste off. In this case, it is reflecting the environment, and it is appropriate that you take the Prill Beads out of the water container, wash for 10 minutes or so (in Miracle II soap or a comparable natural product) and then start the whole procedure again.

Precious Prills are made of magnesium oxide. The Prill Beads are further energetically enhanced with a proprietary energizing process. Originally created to clean up nuclear waste, they are from a new technology that allows anyone to make very fine “vital water” from virtually any source. This water measurably hydrates the body and has a favorable oxidation reduction potential (reduces free radicals in the body).

When you make Prill Water, the Prill Beads transform water at the molecular level and make what is called thin water. The water forms single molecules of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom that are very tightly and permanently bound together. We suggest that you use the best quality drinking water available, but it can be regular tap water if nothing better is available. Although chlorine will naturally vent off, you should not depend on Prill Beads to dissipate fluoride. If your water has either chlorine or fluoride, leave the lid off the jar so these chemicals can escape. Since they are heavier than air, they tend to sit on top of the jar. You may need to stir the water some and blow or fan it off the top.

Precious Prills do not dissolve in the water, but seem to last forever. They contribute no minerals. When Prill Water, which is much like dew, replaces the energy of common water, the new liquid is technically just water. However, these molecules are smaller and do not occupy as much space as other energies. Therefore, this water is far easier for living cells to absorb and is a much better moisturizer. It works with magnesium to help the body heal itself. Pets, plants, and people really love it.

Even if a regular tap water source is used, this water will be as vital as the best glacial bottled water. A single package of Precious Prills can save the average family about $1,000 a year when compared to purchasing bottled water.  Prill Water can be stored in plastic containers. We are told it tends to eventually corrode plastic and metal.

Prill Water can be used anywhere and any way that common water is used. Some people notice a thirst for a day or so until enough of the body’s water is replaced with this vital, thinner water. It also balances the pH of water to make it more useful for the body.

Many Uses

Put it into a spray bottle and find a hundred uses for it!

In the home: Placed in a humidifier, Prill Water can create a very healthy environment. It repels black mold. It seems to get rid of odors and creosote that can hang in the air from wood burning stoves. A person with any kind of lung or sinus problems may find it helpful to breath in the Prill Water from the humidifier.

In the kitchen: Use Prill Water for all of your cooking.  Spray the bottom of a fry pan and/or the top of the food cooking to give added moisture when desired; spray-wash fruits, veggies, and your hands. Carrots, peeled and soaked in Prill Water are enhanced in flavor and make very tasty carrot juice.  Spray the counter and/or the dish rag before wiping it clean.

In the bathroom: Use to spray and wipe counters and sink. Spray hands to clean. Spray in mouth and on tooth brush for brushing teeth. Spray on your face to wash it. You can also place a bag of Precious Prills in the toilet tank to help clean up the septic or sewer, but be aware that over a long time it may be corrosive to any plastic or metal housing there.

In the car: Always handy for washing hands before and after snacks. It’s great for cleaning baby’s bottom for diaper changes.

Prill Water cannot be contaminated. It cleans up contamination. It keeps on working no matter where it is. As we use it, we begin to clean up the water of the world – one person, one septic tank, one sewer system, one lake and river at a time.

Prill Water has the ability to convert simple sugars back to the complex sugars they are derived from. For an example, if you had a can of cheap frozen orange juice and made it with Prill Water, the juice will taste like it was made from oranges picked ripe off the tree this morning.

Thus the ability of Prill to super-hydrate foods, as well as people, together with its ability to re-constitute simple sugars into complex sugars leads to wonderful enhancements of eating experiences!

Drinking Prill Water can begin some of the detoxification process, and by the time you spend a minimum of one month on the water, you’ll be more balanced than you were before you started.

Fabric used to make bags : Organza