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Mineral Ball Replacement Pack

Currently this pack consists of 4 stones and ceramics that you can place in the bottom of your Berkey chamber to improve the mineral content and also to add to lowering the ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) of the water (that being the Mv millivolt charge of the water) A running stream has an ORP of between 120 - 440 Mv as a guide, we have not yet the time to publish the results and findings for these ceramics and stones (hope to get to it sooner than later) but those who know already about them and there is much on the net for those who don't then they can enhance your water.

These separate bags allow you the opportunity to try and test your water to your liking, the organza bags are safe to go in the water as a holder for each separate stone and balls as an easy clean method, plus you can separate them and hold back a quantity to rotate the stones during 6 monthly cleaning.

***Caution*** if using in combination with Prill Beads has found that the Red Far Infrared Ceramic Balls have been absorbed by the Prill Beads and required to be cleaned off of the Prill Beads as the red ceramic had clung to them

What you will receive

1 x 300gm Organza bag of Far Infrared Ceramic Balls (Red)

1 x 300gm Organza bag of Tourmaline Energy Balls (White)

1 x 300gm Organza bag of Negative Ion Balls (Grey)

1 x 300gm Organza bag of Mafian Stones (Remineraliser)