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The PF-2 Fluoride Filter Flushing Tool is finally here for the Berkey® enthusiast for ease of purging manufacturing dust from filter

We have been using this configuration for some time now when we carry out in house installations, many customers have seen it and enquired to own it, as the time factor and thoroughness of the flushing makes life much simpler and is a great long term investment.

We considered having a special fitting be manufactured as this is our prior experience in business but cost and practicality of the the stem pipe and O-ring for sealing makes this configuration the most appealing, especially for the reverse flushing of the filter. 

What do you receive - complete assembly as per main product photo (3 parts in total)

 This tool is a watermark configured product, that is the parts used are certified, made of stainless steel purposed for Mix-Flex Domestic Water Connections, brass fitting and polypropylene garden hose connector

What is WaterMark ? The WaterMark Certification Scheme (The Scheme) is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations.

Assembled for the practical use of connecting to your garden hose or clothes washing machine hose in the laundry cold water only (that is connected to a safe water source like town/pre-filtered water and not bore water)

Procedure of use;

  1. Choose a well used tap in the garden or laundry washing machine connection point (extra hose and fittings may be required but you can utilise your washing machine hose (cold water only) as it will fit the 3/4" BSP fitting supplied, handy for people who do not have a yard but own a washing machine) that has some frequency of use or at best flush hose and connections well before use to clear any possible debris.
  2. Connect flushing tool to water hose supply and flush also.
  3. Connect PF-2 Fluoride Filter to threaded end until O-ring touches and seats (Please do not over tighten as the filter is food grade polypropylene plastic and excessive force could strip the internal thread of the filter)
  4. Turn tap to max of half flow rate
  5. Use a bucket or calculate at least 10 litres of water to have passed, this may only be 60 - 90 seconds
  6. Remove tool from threaded end of filter then insert threaded end of tool into unthreaded end of filter till seated against the O-ring holding it manually then turn tap onto whatever flow rate you are comfortable with holding as no internal thread is at risk (this is reverse flushing in opposite direction of filter flow indicated by the arrow)
  7. Finally once flushing and reverse flushing is complete achieving 10 ltrs in both directions, feel at liberty to repeat if you wish one more time, but generally once is enough.

Complete you Berkey® assembly and enjoy drinking purified water with confidence :-)