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Doulton® 7" Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Replacement Candle to suit British Berkefeld 8.5 ltr System or any other dimensionally compatible gravity system on the market  

From an historical perspective since 1827, gravity water filtration was birthed with Doulton® and British Berkefeld® to the benefit of millions, even today continuing to serve in over 150 countries.

The Doulton® and British Berkefeld® gravity systems offer an effective solution for the need in today's world to filter drinking water, coupled with the benefits of contact time with the filtration media. Doulton® and British Berkefeld® heritage and commitment to water filtration is built on years of innovation and the highest international standards to ensure a quality product, every time.

By adding the Optional Berkey PF-4 Fluoride filters, the Doulton® 7" Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Filters will gain more than just Fluoride Reduction of 95%, please read below for more information *** Important*** Please check dimension of your bottom chamber before considering as per the dimensions below

What comes standard in the box?  

1 x Doulton® 7" Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Filter Candle
1 x Wingnut (To fasten the 7" Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Filters in place)
1 x Washers (To seal the 7" Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Filters in upper chamber) 

Performance benefits

  • Highly effective barrier to filter particles and pathogens for maximum protection
  • Long life and long-term value, easy to clean and replace filters ensuring a 6-12 month quality lifespan
  • 100% natural ceramic materials and activated carbon
  • Healthy mineral preservation during the filtration process
  • Anti-bacterial properties inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic element
  • Multi-stage filtration combines features to help target chlorine and bacteria
  • Affordability with no power required to install and long-term efficient performance achieved
  • Environmentally friendly processes to reduce carbon footprint and waste reduction of plastic bottles
  • Versatility of portable indoor or outdoor gravity-fed systems, the choice is yours

To assure consistent quality and maintain rigid standards, Doulton® ceramic water filtration systems are backed by stringent in-house quality control procedures. Accredited by BS EN ISO 9001 international quality standards, we also hold the coveted NSF® and WRAS certification.

Doulton® 7" Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Filters

Part Number: W9121200
Thread Range: 1/4" BSP Long ( 1 ½" / 38mm) Threaded Mount (Suits 14mm Hole)
Length: 7 inches (177mm)
Diameter: 2 inches (49mm)
Filter Performance: Micro filtration of Bacteria, Cysts, Particles, Chlorine and Organics

3-Stage filtration process within the 1 cartridge

Stage 1 - Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic
This stage filters fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity.
Stage 2 Silver Impregnation
The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilising properties.
Stage 3 - (GAC) Granular Activated Carbon
Granular activated carbon takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour

Super Sterasyl membrane: Used for microbiological removal. The only ceramic element in the world to meet the stringent NSF antimony and arsenic extraction test featuring:

    These Premium filters needs to be replaced approx. every 2,000 litres of water filtered.

    Doulton Ceramic Filters will remove at least:

    95% Chlorine
    99.999% Harmful Bacteria
    99.999% Amoeba
    98% Suspended Solids
    99.999% Giardia
    99.999% Cryptosporidium

    Particulate Reduction

    0.9micron > 99.99%
    0.5micron > 99.9%
    0.2micron > 98%

    Warning: Higher levels of chlorine, chemical contamination, or sediment, will shorten the life of the filters.

    Recommended for use on town, tank or alternative water supply.

    Super Sterasyl® Lab Test Results



    Due to the well known and trusted name of Doulton® Super Sterasyl® Ceramic Filters, there are unauthentic candles for sale on the market today, to overcome this problem and assure you that your products purchased on this website are the authentic Doulton® candles, they can be registered with the serial inscribed on the underside of the candle as seen in the product pictures above. Doulton® implemented this strategy to ensure the quality you have paid for. Please click here to register your Doulton® product, registered at the authentication centre.

    Optional Berkey PF-4 Fluoride Reduction 95%

    NMCL have incorporated MTBE and heavy metals reduction capabilities into the PF-4 elements, as well as 95% Fluoride Reduction, this added benefit incorporated with the Super Sterasyl® candles makes for a great combination as the PF-4 filters were designed to fill this void in their Berkey Earth Diatomaceous Earth range of ceramic candles.

    The Black Berkey® Purification Elements remove MTBE and reduce heavy metals whereas the ceramic filters do not therefore; we incorporated MTBE and heavy metals reduction capabilities into the PF-4™ elements. Ref; Berkey Knowledge Base

    The Berkey PF-4 fluoride reduction are a perfect match to the Doulton product, designed to suit the BSP thread of the Doulton Super Sterasyl®  filter candle

        The Berkey PF-4 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters adsorb the following unwanted elements found in drinking water:
          • Fluoride
          • Arsenic
          • Lead
          • Heavy Metal Ions
          • MTBE (Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether)
          • Trihalomethanes (THM)
          • DBCP (Dibromo-chloro-propane)
          • Herbicides and Pesticides
        • Made from safe, non-leaching polypropylene #5 that is BPA-free
        • Sold in a set of 2
        • PF-4 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters are designed to be used in conjunction with the Berkey Earth® Elements or the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Elements 
        • Attach to the bottom of the Berkey Earth®  Elements or the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Elements and sit in the lower chamber of the Berkey/British Berkefeld® unit
        • Number of PF-4s in the bottom chamber must match the number of Berkey Earth® Elements or Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Elements in the top chamber; for example, 2 Berkey Earth® Elements would require 2 PF-4 Filters
        • PF-4 Filters recommended replacement after 1890 Ltrs or 6 months
        • The individual elements are 6 inches (15.2cm)  length and 2.5 inches (6.35cm) diameter

        CLICK HERE For PF-4 Information via Berkey Knowledge Base 

        Also for an in depth read of a study carried out by a scientific panel from EFSA the European Food Safety Authority regarding the safety in use of the activated alumina treatment for the removal of fluoride, ultimately finding that the use of Activated Alumina will not pose a risk to human healthPlease Read Here

          PF-2/PF-4 Fluoride Reduction Media Information                                                      

          (Extract from Proprietary Products Data Information Sheets)

          Fluoride Reduction Media Definition: The fluoride removal media is the same mineral that rubies and sapphires (corundum) are made from, in crystalline form. The process selective adsorption is a physical/ chemical reaction whereby the fluoride ions are removed by binding to the medias oxidised surface.


          The Berkey® Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media is a new and improved high yield aluminum oxide (corundum) especially formulated for the removal of Fluoride and arsenic from drinking water. This media has an unusually high surface area of more than 350 sq.m./gram of material which allows more efficient removal of the Fluoride and arsenic ions. This high surface area is enhanced by controlled development of the pore size distribution from 30 Angstroms to 100 Angstroms, providing greater accessibility to the surface active sites through bulk diffusion.

          Uniform particle size low silica content and high purity, is characteristic of the new and improved Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media which insures effective operation in the reduction of Fluoride. The extremely low silica content significantly reduces the tendency of the silica to form silicone tetra fluoride which reacts with both the media and the pipes leading to clogging and corrosion problems.


          The Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media is an EPA approved method for removing Fluoride from drinking water. This product can be used in various filtration products and can also be packed in large columns for high volume applications including drinking water treatment plants and waste treatment plants. The Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media can be used in various applications where defluorination is necessary.

          For maximum removal efficiency, maintain the water being treated between a PH level of 5-7. The media can be regenerated for enhanced performance lifetime with many applications. This makes the Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media the most effective and economical defluorination product on the market.


          • Surface Area, sq. m/g. 350
          • Total Pore volume, cc./g. .55
          • Aluminum Oxide XRD Phase Chi, Gamma, Amorphous
          • Crush Strength, lbs (kg) 30 (14)
          • Abrasion Loss wt% 0.1 Bulk
          • Density, lbs/cu. ft (kg/cu. m) 47 (750)


                                                   Wt %

          • AL2O3                        95.1  
          • SiO2                           0.02
          • Fe2O3                        0.02
          • Na2O                          0.30


          The Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media has been specially prepared to optimize the media for more efficient removal of the Fluoride ion. Testing of the material is important for each application as influent water PH, quality and purify of the water and various metal ion concentrations are all variables which influence the effectiveness of the media. Note that the material is most efficient between a PH of 5 and 7.

          Testing for fluoride removal was based on 20-30 ppm of the ion in the influent aqueous solution at a flow rate of no more than 3 gpm per cubic foot (25kg) of media. Results of < 1 ppm of the fluoride ion in the effluent were typical for the media. Under optimum conditions, effluent concentrations of less than 50 ppb of Fluoride ion were found to be readily achieved. Results may vary significantly with each particular application.


          1. Calcium & Sodium Fluoride. The Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media will remove any types of inorganic fluoride salts. All fluoride salts are soluble in water. So it does not matter what fluoride salts that are in the water, fluoride is present as an anion where the media will absorb fluoride ions in water.
          2. Hydro-Fluorosilicic Acid (HFS). We do not have any test data to show how efficient the Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media will remove hydro-fluosilicic acid. But by adsorption of fluoride anion using alumina, we believe the media will remove hydro-fluosilicic acid better than fluoride. The reason is both compounds are ions with negative charges. The molecular size of hydrofluosilicic acid is much larger than the fluoride ion and hydrofluosilicic acid has two negative charges where as fluoride has only one negative charge. So this negative charge makes hydrofluosislicic acid much easier to adsorb to the media compared to regular fluoride ions.
          3. NMCL obtains its Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media from a third party that manufactures specialized media that targets difficult to remove contaminates, such as Fluoride and Arsenic. The above information provided has been extracted from the supplier™s data sheets and other written communications.