Rod and Stick description are the same product

Certified Purity @ 99.9986% 

3 x 700 mm long Rods/Wire/Stick Supplied

1 x 400 mm long Rods/Wire/Stick Supplied

1 x 300 mm long Rods/Wire/Stick Supplied

Our US supplier of Pure 99.9986% Colloidal Silver Rods maintains an emphasis on the mill purity lab test results more so than their random UL testing and the Colloidal Rods we supply also included testing certificate confirming the purity that you will also receive a copy of with the shipment. Mercury has become a major concern with many silver well users, our US supplier has now included  Mercury as a standard in their lab test certificate as this latest shipment now indicates on Certificate # 35885. This is our purest shipment to date and is well recognisable by the tensile strength of 23,500.0 PSI "Soft", this is a clear test by anybody of the quality and purity by how malleable the rod is. 


Electrode For Silver Wells 

99.9986% Rods manufactured specifically for Colloidal Silver Wells production of Ionic Colloidal Silver the active ingredient for infection-fighting form of silver.

These are 700 mm long 99.9986% pure silver, refined to the highest medical grade for purity, the Perth Mint is not established to refine to this purity. Note that we use '12 gauge' (2.06mm OD) wire not thinner '14 gauge' (1.63mm OD) wire.

Electrodes For Gravity Water Filters

Here at Peace River Filtration, we have used and can testify to the use of silver in the bottom reservoir of our Berkey® gravity purifier as a good choice to eliminate any chance of pathogens or the growth of micro algae effecting our mineralised purified water. Once the water is purified, the silver then ensures the quality of your Berkey Purified Water once it has left contact with the Black Berkey Purifier Element, plus reduces the need to clean the bottom reservoir or even the top reservoir if you choose to apply to both locations, as we found that even after 18 months of use there was little need to clean the bottom reservoir that stores our purified water. Like you, we have better things to do :-)

We have used this method for many years and hope some may appreciate the long time blessing behind it's use, please remember one of the key elements that is used in most water filters to eliminate pathogens is Silver. 

Please read blog on Silver for more information Click here for web link

Also the Silver Institute is an excellent source Click here for link 

Silver Purity 99.9986% 

Element                                       RESULT %

Al (Aluminium)                                    0.0000

Au (Gold)                                            0.0000

Bi (Bismuth)                                        0.00001

Cd (Cadmium)                                    0.0000

Cu (Copper)                                        0.00062

Fe (Iron)                                              0.00009

Hg (Mercury)                                       0.0000

Mg (Magnesium)                                 0.0000

Ni (Nickel)                                            0.0000

Pt (Platinum)                                        0.0001

P (Phosphorus)                                    0.0000

Pb (Lead)                                             0.00032

Pd (Palladium)                                     0.0000

Si (Silicon)                                            0.0000

Sb (Antimony)                                      0.0000

Se (Selenium)                                      0.00001

Sn (Tin)                                                0.0000

Te (Tellurium)                                       0.00003

Zn (Zinc)                                              0.0000

TOTAL %                                             0.00108

AG (Silver) by Difference %            99.9986 % Silver

TENSILE 23,500.0 PSI (Soft)

( A copy of the lab report is supplied with all purchases)

Disclaimer; The sale of colloidal silver is not to be construed as an offer of medical advice, we advise that you should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner  and the use of colloidal silver is by the action and understanding of the consumer.

The following is some insight and guidance to reach for the right mix of CS water, this information is supplied by our US supplier and is most appreciated

A TDS meter is fantastic for testing your steam distilled water before making your colloidal to be sure you indeed have close to pure water, but since it's measurement is still based on electrical conductivity it will only read the ionic value of the solution.  This is still a worthy piece of equipment in tandem with a laser pointer and the understanding that ions are not visible with the laser, yet measurable with a TDS and since most CS solutions (outside of the laboratory) are a mixture of both ionic silver and silver particles with a heavy percentage (about 85%) being ionic we can do some rough math on what the percentage of silver particles are in relation to ionic silver.  I like as high a reading on the TDS as I might get before the solution turns color, and a nice silky beam with the laser pointed through the solution.  If the silver particles grow too large they will be visible to the naked eye and thus the solution starts to turn to light yellow and progressively darker.  Keeping the current low by stirring, rod spacing, decreased voltage or limiting device is key to small particles.

But, did I answer the question?.....TDS cannot truly measure the PPM of colloidal silver, and so many variables get in the way as well, like the quality of the tester and is it able to be calibrated and are you applying the conversion factor for that calibration standard.....It's better to simplify my first paragraph for your customer/s and doing it more and more helps the learning curve.