Berkey Light® System Spigot

This particular spigot due to the seal type and arrangement is handy for the manufacture of a "Bush Berkey" purifier, that is a "do it yourself" to make yourself a camping, outdoors or even indoors purifier unit from the combination of 2 buckets top to bottom joined together as the Black Berkey Purification Elements and Berkey Earth Filters both have a longer bulkhead that is 33.5mm long allowing the union of top bucket lid and bottom of bucket. Great idea for those wishing to preserve their 304 stainless system but be able to remove and use their Purifiers/Filters and take them on trip away camping in rough terrain.   

  • Spigot assembly for the Berkey Light® System
  • 19mm Spigot Thread O. D. x 25mm long bulk head
  • Suits spigot hole size from 22mm to 25mm hole (Best sealing purposes) 
  • Includes wingnut and two washers
  • All Berkey Light® Systems come standard with a spigot; in case of loss or damage, this item may be purchased individually as a replacement