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  • Medicinal Grade
  • High Adsorbency
  • Steam Activated
  • 100% Plant-based Origin

Activated Charcoal Powder is one of the most powerful natural substances for adsorption of toxins and poisons. Internally it has a cleansing effect and can also be used externally on the skin with a significant drawing effect. Medicinal-grade, activated charcoal. 

Our 100% pure, food-grade Charcoal Powder can be used for teeth whitening, to neutralise poison, or just for a general detox, etc.

Internal Use: Consult a health professional

Warning; Do not take with medications. Activated charcoal adsorbs many drugs and can interfere with or hinder their effectiveness. Consult you physician or health professional before use. In any case, wait at least 2 hours after medication before using Activated Charcoal.