In our health journey and learning experience we have progressed to a greater understanding of what purified water actually is and now benefit daily from using our only source of purified Berkey® water.

Below is a video and awakening that reflects the same experience the gentlemen in this video is about to describe and that has helped lead us to now sell and promote the Berkey® product to the benefit of everyone we meet and also use the proceeds to help fund 3rd world water projects.

As quoted in this video also are the findings from Harvard University study published on the "Impact of Fluoride on Neurological Development in Children" this is really worth a read



Below in this youtube is Dr Dean Burk who is quoted from the previous that "Fluoride causes cancer"

The corundum used in the Berkey PF-2 fluoride filters has 350m2 with and effective rate of 95%>, most other manufacturers use approx. 200m2, this will ensure life of filter best results plus with a trickle rate of 200 ml per minute max flow rate from the Royal Berkey for example, this provides your water contact time with the media is at an optimal. The Black Berkey elements located in the top reservoir of the Royal Berkey has approximately 1 foot of water at maximum fill height, this produces a maximum of .434 psi at the base of the Berkey element, allowing gravity to work in a natural manner without forcing your water past the media at high flow and high pressure.