Black Berkey Red Food Colouring Test

Wyman Kingsley

***Please Note***

When carrying out the Red Food Dye Test, please be aware that there are "artificial-free" red food colouring dyes on the market. By not using an artificial red food dye colouring you will get a false reading leading you to believe the Black Berkey Purifiers are defective when they are not.

We recommend to use the brand "Queen Pillar Box Red Food Colour 50mL" available at most grocery stores

The red food colouring dye requires no gel based, added glucose, sugars or thickening agents to be present in the dye, else you will receive a false reading. 

The Black Berkey red food coloring test creates the opportunity to bring the laboratory into your home and perform a usually expensive water test to confirm the effectiveness of the Black Berkey Purifier. Most companies will show lab results of their filters but have not the ability to provide the end user with peace of mind over the life of the Purifier or filter that is the usual label. Life of purifier or filter results are almost uncommon or unknown of from many manufacturers and the consumer is left with the hope that the filter they have purchased is effective and still meets the manufacturer's specifications. 

"The Black Berkey Gives You The Lab Results Instantly In Your Home"

Regardless of the age of the Black Berkey Purifier, whether 10 months or 10 years old, the test still confirms it's integrity.

It is recommended that you place a cup directly under each Black Berkey Purifier outlet in an empty lower chamber to isolate each purifier for integrity.

*** Please always remove the PF-2 Fluoride Filters before testing and refit after testing is completed***  

To perform a food coloring test, start with an empty system (upper/lower chamber), remove any PF-2 filters that may be attached, and place a cup in the lower chamber directly underneath each Black Berkey Purifier. Next, fill the upper chamber with water and add 1 teaspoon of red food coloring for every gallon of water (only red please). After 5-10 minutes, look to see if any of the water in the cups are red or have any pinkish tinge. If one does, then that particular filter above it is defective or saturated/exhausted.

Just to confirm the ratio is 1 x Tea Spoon of artificial red food dye per gallon, preferably the Queens brand as it is artificial and has no glucose in it. Tea Spoons of red food colouring dye for each Berkey unit size; Travel 1.5 tsp Big 2.25 tsp Royal 3.25 tsp Imperial 4.5 tsp Crown 6 tsp 

If found defective within the 2 year warranty, please contact us and make the most of the pro rata warranty.



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